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March 31, 2023

Hudson Grande Senior Living Recognizes Mom and Pop Small Business Owners

Category: Senior Living

Author: Hayden West, Business Office Director

National Mom and Pop Small Business Owner Day celebrates small business owners every year on March 29th. Our economy couldn’t run without small, locally owned mom and pop businesses. Not only do they provide jobs, but they also create economic growth, have positive influences on local communities, and make our communities diverse and vibrant.

Here at Hudson Grande, we understand these businesses spend countless hours nurturing and growing their enterprise but, all in all, they love what they do, just like we love what we do in healthcare. To celebrate National Mom and Pop Day, we had our department heads choose a small business of their liking and celebrate the day with them. They celebrated by leaving Google reviews, posting about them on social media, and doing what we call a CFU, a Creative Follow Up. We are thankful for each of them and loved celebrating their day with them.

List of Department Heads List of their small business
Cheryl Walker, Executive Director Popped
Cindi Kirchenbauer, Director of Wellness DaVitis Italian Market
Hayden West, Business Office DirectorRocco’s Cupcake Café
Brittany Bell, Wellness CoordinatorOpen Door Coffee Company
Nick Tomlinson, Culinary DirectorBrimfield Bread Oven
Ray Scarnecchia, Plant Operations DirectorMilan Key Shop
Jacob Parker, Senior Living Director Off the Wagon
Amy Cleary, Senior Living DirectorD’Angelo’s Italian Ristorante
Ally Grimes, Resident Services DirectorEl Dorado’s
Kimberly Becton, Memory Care Director West Main Winery

If you’re in the neighborhood, take a minute to check these businesses out! Our community wouldn’t be what it is without them, and we are so grateful they’re here! 

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