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Personalized Care

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At University Senior Living, we utilize a holistic care approach. Our Wellness Team meets with each resident to determine their wishes and goals. The Team then works to care for the whole person. All needs are considered equal in importance—physical, mental, social, and emotional.

Holistic Care

Our Team works together to care for the whole person. An individual’s overall well-being includes their mental, social, physical, and emotional needs. Our Team’s focus includes all aspects of the person.

Care Planning

Each resident who chooses University Senior Living has objectives and goals they hope to accomplish. Some may be looking for increased mobility, others to become more social, and many simply want to maintain their independence. Through ongoing encouragement, we support our residents’ achievements while meeting their needs.

Personal Choice

The choice is yours to decide what you want and when you want it. Our wellness team works directly with you to determine the best way to implement your personalized care plan. It’s your lifestyle. You are in control.

Care in the 21st Century

Technology at University Senior Living

Innovative technology now ensures the safety of memory care residents and monitors their normal behavior. This passive monitoring uses no cables or cameras. Our Wellness Team also uses predictive technology to warn of possible health emergencies before they happen. Modern technology is allowing residents to live longer, healthier, fuller lives.

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